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We love counting things. We love the attendant numbers of counted things. We love knowing that such and such receptacle contains a known, finite quantity of things.

Contained. Counted. Known.

Uncontained. Uncounted. Unknown.

A delirious excitement and nausea oft overtakes us when we are privy to talk about infinite universes. We think, for example, of the billions of leaves that right now are holding onto billions of trees. While it is highly improbable that we will ever know the exact number of leaves on this earth at any given moment, it is equally true that such a number exists. The leaves, the trees, this world, are beyond our reckoning, but we take comfort somehow in the knowledge that there are real numbers that can be attached to such things. They exist. They exist in disparate and hence measurable units. How could it be possible that there might be an infinite, and hence unknowable number of clinging leaves, elsewhere, forever and ever, worlds without end. Infinite universes? Fuck us.

So we created the Nancy Drew Research Institute (NDRI). The NDRI is situated in Happy Valley, Canada, USA. It is a clean and white laboratory (seriously!) where well-paid Nancy Drew scientists will read and take notes on all of the first 56 yellow-spined, spine tingling Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. It’s purpose it to count and name important things in the books.

These include:

a. How many days it takes to Solve Mystery
b. Towns or places visited in process of Solving Mystery with distances from RIver Heights noted when possible
c. Who Nancy helps
d. Who Nancy thwarts
e. General descriptions of what good people look like
f. General descriptions of what bad people look like
g. Friends Nancy enlists to help (besides Bess, George, Ned, Burt and Dave)
h. Professionals Nancy enlists to help (besides Dad and Chief McGinnis)
i. How many outfit changes there are, with descriptions if given
j. How many meals Nancy eats, with descriptions if given
k. Skills Nancy has and/or draws on to Solve Mystery
l. Coincidences encountered
m. Natural Disasters endured
n. Historical Sites visited and what is learned there
o. What is in the derelict shack over there
p. Situations escaped and bodily injuries noted
q. Awards received

The findings will be posted here for your perusal. At the end, the findings will be tallied and conclusions will be drawn.