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Okay mystery fans. We are spent here at the Institute. Our NDRI mascot, a lovely little albino gerbil, has been violently ill for the last 24 hours and we are all sixes and sevens as to whether to take her to the vet or just let this mysterious illness work its way out of its vulnerable little rodent body. In the spirit of the Prom Queen Popularity Contest that passes for merit these days, we are asking our numerous fans to help us out with this conundrum. Should the lovely albino gerbil be taken to the veterinarian or should she just sweat it out? There is an added ghoulish element here. What if nobody really reads these posts? What if somebody does read the post and feels compelled to do nothing? This gerbil will languish and it might be all your fault. Heavy burden, yes? We think so and we are glad to pass it on.

Off to start research on The Clue in the Album.

Yahoo Yip Yip Yippee!!!