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The Nancy Drew Research Institute (NDRI), bereft of a responsible Board of Directors, jacked of its pension funds by unscrupulous researchers, clinging to its very existence by the ragged nails of fate, would nonetheless like to take this time out to bestow its First Annual You Are Almost Like Nancy Award to Trisha who selflessly emailed the NDRI to voice her concern for our ailing albino verminate creature/mascot.  She, Trisha, had nothing to gain by engaging in this derring-do of concern for others (much like Nancy herself we’d like to point out). She really just put herself out there with no thought for anyone but the skanky white creature (with red eyes, no less). Trisha, we salute you here at the NDRI!! In these troubled times it is nice to be made aware that there are people who care for albino mascots.  Rest assured, we took your advice, and that little white thing is now healthy. Our Beleaguered Institute choked up $8,000 to oil the fingers of the kind, young vet so that he might be more nimble in his unwinding of her intestinal knots.