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Hello Nancy Drew Research Institute, lovers of. We have been a bit under the weather here this week in Happy Valley. Actually, as sick as sick dogs might be a more nuanced telling of the hell we have endured in the laboratory for the past five says. Literally beholding the porcelain with shaking limbs while we held the research notes in our otherwise unencumbered laps. Sweating buckets and unsure whether the source was the grippe or the impending appearance of the phantom horse that so spooks Mrs. Thurmond, the apple pie cooking cook at Shadow Ranch. The Board of Directors was amazed that the House of Nancy was so completely overtaken by this plague, all researchers with all their spines atingling, that they are holding an emergency meeting come the morrow to decide whether the research and subsequent note taking on The Secret of Shadow Ranch can pass muster for their paying, and hence, discerning clients. Was a day missed in a vomitous frenzy? Did Nancy’s change of clothes after a hard ride on her steed get missed because of an ill-timed hallucination? The Board will review the notes, make some decisions, maybe fire some people. Frankly, we are too weak to give a shit right now.