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At the end of each work week we here at the Nancy Drew Research Institute (NDRI) gather to compare notes about the current mystery on tap. Together we discovered what we indeed had noticed separately – that there were no clothing changes given ink in The Mystery of the Ivory Charm. None. We shrugged it off as a potential ghost writer foible – perhaps even a male ghost writer who had no idea how important costume changes were to young females. However, the Head of Research, upon receiving our CAREFULLY RESEARCHED notes, spent the whole night in office, poring over them and then, perhaps not fully believing the work of the TRUSTWORTHY RESEARCHERS, read the entire mystery to ascertain what we already knew to be true. What followed from that was a series of phone calls to a series of people, including a 4 a.m. tracking down of an earlier edition of the same mystery to be read in its entirety by this selfsame Head of Research to indeed ascertain that Nancy did not give a rat’s ass about her appearance during the three weeks that it took to spin our her golden spool of action, adventure and deduction. The Head of Research was so agitated by our findings that we here on the ground floor of the research – you know – the ones whose jobs it is to actually read the books and take CAREFUL NOTES – were wondering, who are we doing this research for anyway. Were our clients mere marketers hoping to attribute Nancy’s success to her carefully chosen wardrobe? We fucking hope not.