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We read. We learn.

1940s Nancy is far spunkier, ruder, bitchier, more entitled, more unlawful, more prone to serious injury and surviving major death encounters (plane crash, thrown overboard into the mid Atlantic at night, attacked by a jaguar, etc..) She is not interested in historical tidbits, or shopping, there is no time between her covers for descriptions of frocks or knit ensembles, nor ink wasted on gay parties thrown in her honour. This is serious shit. So what happened between the 40s and the 70s? The books were shortened, niceness was engorged, danger (though always present) undangered, actual death verboten. Blah blah WWII blah blah reining in the peace and love generation through a return to 1950s values blah blah blah.

This is all you get this week. We have no board, we have lost half of our staff, we have fractured memories of wanton lust and have not quite resettled into our peaceable kingdom.