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Following from last week’s debacle of thwarted dreams, five members of the research staff here at the Nancy Drew Research Institute (NDRI) have quit. They are sensitive souls who found that they no longer had the stamina to send out seething stink eye to the ones who took their futures and crushed them.  We are sad to lose them for a number of reasons. We are now severely understaffed. We loved the tension. And most importantly these five were specialists in abandoned shacks, Ned’s various jobs, dissing Bess, clothing changes and injuries sustained.  The very bad news is that three of them have already found employment at the Dana Girls Research Institute (DGRI), a sad little research institute wanna-be, studying sad little Nancy wanna-bes.  These are professionals at the top of their fields and now look what they are doing.  It’s the equivalent of moving from top notch cocaine to some rat poison slurry.  We tsk tsk here at the NDRI and think of the frailty of human longing.  Again and again.