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We looked online today to see if Nancy Drew advertises her detection services. Having found no online presence we can only assume that, as in most things that are GOOD in this world, she doesn’t need to advertise; in part, because of the word-of-mouth thing and also because there is no real competition. Do not utter the names of the lame-o Bobbsey Twins in the same breath as Nancy. Or the Dana Girls, those, “pallid followers in (her) dazzling train.” Or the Hardy Boys, who live in an alternative universe of brutality, explosions and actual death. NANCY IS BUSY because she is everything to everyone.

We would like to add to the chorus of approval. This book, The Secret of the Mysterious Thing, lives up to its previously remembered reputation as being quite good. More cheated rich people host Nancy and her loyal myrmidons as they frolic and detect their way through rich food, soft beds and mutual entitlement. These people want something from Nancy and they are willing to spend lots of money getting it. Nancy does not fail to provide. Hence, her awesomeness.

Some scholars have claimed that the primary offering of a Miss Drew Mystery is wish fulfillment – you know – that your parents give you absolute freedom, that your friends love you unconditionally and that you have a circular driveway. We here at the Institute are given more to the Electra Complex take on things. Nancy’s mother is out of the picture through some mysterious illness. Nothing stands between Nancy and the receiving of her father’s love. Nancy’s Dad is hot. He is handsome, tall, dark, intelligent, with sparkling blue eyes, and lawyerly wealth. Yet that is never quite enough for any of the female denizens of the fable that is River Heights. Why? None can compare to Nancy. Good luck trying. We know we have.