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As the lead researcher here at the Nancy Drew Research Institute (NDRI) I have made a decision without consultation of either board, colleagues or clients. I expect that there shall be some sort of kerfuffle about it, nonetheless, it had to be done.

First a general tidying up. All of us noticed that there needed to be a category called “Abandoned Shack?” added to the spreadsheet. Indeed, every single mystery story has an abandoned-mysterious-derelict cabin-shack somewhere in its pages. It is to be wondered and hoped that this trend continues. Simply because they are always creepy and more often than not because they have someone trussed up inside somewhere. We all want to whisper to Nancy – “Nancy… see that abandoned building.. just go to it.. you will save someone.”

Now. The potentially controversial change has to do with the renaming of the category previously called Coincidences. Now it is called Convergences. It is an important difference.

I believe that the Institute was originally looking at these mystery stories with a little bit of tongue muscle nestling in the pouches of our fleshy cheeks. Coincidences implied a disbelieving raised eyebrow or two, perhaps an inward groan. Convergences is more honest, more open to the fairy sprinkle of chance in our lives. It is a philosophical shift that denies irony a purchase. The NDRI gives itself over to the wonder of chance, magic, chaos and anarchy – the stuff of our very existence.