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Wow! A favourite read here amongst the intrepid interpreters of The Word. Nancy kicks over venomous asps, packs of domesticated wolf-kin, a near drowning, concussions up the yin yang, and imprisonment to bring us TRUTH, BEAUTY and a pack of HAPPY, CRIPPLED CHILDREN. Thank you, Nancy, thank you. Seriously, faithful followers of the statistics, let us create our own reckonings, shall we? Count amongst ourselves, on one hand eviscerated by a high school chop saw, the number of people you know in your life who move gracefully through copperheads and exploding dynamite to bring happiness and joy to the thin and poor. Here, let us take those last remaining digits shall we and lose them over here on the band saw. She slaughters us. We who are close to her hang our head in shame knowing that no amount of middle aged yoga classes will bring us near to Her humility! Her bravery! Her sense of justice! We love Her in spite of ourselves. She allows us this. Here at the Institute (NDRI) we feel genuine gratitude for our engagement in the derring-do of this titian haired behemoth. Open yourselves to Nancy and with snares she will puncture your nostrils.