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The Nancy Drew Research Institute (NDRI) has something to say. Courting ethical wrist-slapping, we have a message to all of you confidence men, escaped criminals, perps, thieves, do-ers of bad, and others for whom life’s road has been hard. If you want to fly under the radar (and who doesn’t these days?) you need to avoid the possibility of convergence. If Nancy has taught us anything here at the NDRI it is that the more complicated, hare-brained, and twisted the manifestation of your need, the better the chance that you will be exposed. Not because of the nefarious mechanisms of actually carrying out the deed, but because unbridled desire spews an attendant vapour trail that almost begs to be inhaled, tripped over and discovered by anyone with senses tuned.

Nancy is not exceptionally deductive: although she seems to often be in the psychological place at the psychological moment, we think the opposite is true. The miasma is here, there, everywhere. We are all of us at the right place at the right moment. Clues fall out of the sky people, because the ache to belong (the essential constituent of need) is powerful and far-reaching. Nancy always gets her man because of her sensitivity to our collective longings.