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There have been no messages of love, support, or personal shame posted on the Nancy Drew Research Institute’s much beleaguered plywood window proxies. That privilege has been reserved for the deserving corporate entities down the street whose “business as usual” maxim has short-lived those inspiring messages of hope which now molder in the transfer station trash heaps. Shiny BMO windows shine HBC again. But not here at the NDRI. Our insurance company said that we did not tick off the hockey mayhem subclause and so we are shit out of natural light for the time being. We are literally researching in the dark as the City officials shirk to bring back electricity and water in our sector of the post-heave. Luckily we are friends with the sub-atomic particle accelerator institute across the alley and we have a green hose draped across the roofs of the buildings, bringing much needed water to our team of researchers. Seriously, people. These researchers are stopped by nothing to continue bringing you the much needed Nancy Drew Research that you have come to rely upon. We think that the world is insane, so we bury our noses deeper in Nancy’s white dress cut on simple lines.