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Here at the Nancy Drew Research Institute we are first and foremost scientists. Our jaws dropped when we heard the foul stupidity regarding legitimate rape spewing from the maw of Senator Todd Akin.  Our jaws dripped when we heard “certain secretions”.  Our jaws cracked when we learned that he is on the House Science Committee. He is on the House Science Committee.  We don’t have working mouths anymore because we have cracked jaws. We are collectively wired shut for the healing.  So it’s been pretty quiet here at the office.

Quiet, but with undertones of extreme passion.

Without the mouth vector, the other senses understandably pick up the slack. Nuance of gesture, smell and sight have forefronted.  Those slithery looks and collegial back slaps from researcher number six, unaccompanied by voice, are now received as come hither. Researcher number eight passing liquid food to researcher number one allows for an opportunity for the brushing by of a finger to the side of a hand. Researcher number five has the sigh of a smokey sensualist.

We can barely concentrate on Nancy.

Although we did notice that she is a presumptuous bitch.

More on that later.